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A data type with a QVariant and some additional information. More...

#include <propertyvalue.h>

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Public Types

enum  propertyValueType {
  value, error,

Public Member Functions

 PropertyValue ()
virtual ~PropertyValue ()

Public Attributes

QVariant internalValue
propertyValueType type
QString formatedValue
Qt::Alignment formatedValueAlignment
QString toolTip
QString whatsThis

Detailed Description

A data type with a QVariant and some additional information.

It doesn't provide much intellegence. Think of it not so much like a class, but more like just a struct. You have to set all members manually to give them useful values.

The data type provides the copy constructor and the assignment operator, so you can safly use it like any other data type. The data type is made available to QMetaType and is this way available in for example QVariant. If you want to use it in non-template based functions like queued signal and slot connections, do something like int id = qRegisterMetaType<PropertyValue>("PropertyValue"); at the begin of your main function. This will register the type also for this use case. id will contain the type identifier used by QMetaObject. However, for most cases id isn't intresting.

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Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum for determinating the type of value that this object holds.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PropertyValue::PropertyValue (  ) 

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References formatedValueAlignment, type, and unset.

PropertyValue::~PropertyValue (  )  [virtual]

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Member Data Documentation

Provides information about the alignment that should be used for formatedValue. It's of type Qt::Alignment (see for details).

Default value: (Qt::AlignLeft | Qt::AlignVCenter)

Definition at line 92 of file propertyvalue.h.

Referenced by ripping::formatedBitrate(), ripping::formatedDataSize(), ripping::formatedMetaInterval(), ripping::formatedMetaInterval_milliSeconds(), ripping::formatedRelayPort(), and PropertyValue().

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