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KStreamRipper (formaly KradioRipper) is a program for recording Internet radios and other streams. For streams that provide information about the song title, it can split the stream and create an own file for each track - with a corresponding file name and corresponding metadata. KStreamRipper is based on Streamripper and provides a well-arranged user interface for whose features. Like Streamripper, it accepts MP3, AAC and OGG streams from Shoutcast-servers and Icecast-servers.

It is stable and usable (but not feature-complete).


KStreamRipper 0.7, a feature release, was released:



At kde-apps.org you can get an overview of official binaries of KStreamRipper for various distributions. All of them are part of repositories, which you can use to install the most recent stable release ("kstreamripper") or the latest development snapshot ("kstreamripper-unstable").

Furthermore, there are other RPMs for Mandriva (search for kstreamripper on http://www.mdvrb-factory.de/KByName.html).

Source code

The source code is available through download section of the SourceForge project site.



What's about bug reports and feature requests?

You're welcome to make a bug report or request a feature.

How is KStreamRipper licensed?

Additionally to the main license (GPL 2), now optionally also GPL 3 and GPL versions that are approved by KDE e.V., can be used.

Where do I get the API documentation?

The API documentation is available in the tarball (./apidoc/html) and also online.